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Water Levels & Deep Bay

Importance of water levels

Deep Bay is a very unique part of Georgian Bay. It has always been a wonderful place for fishing, water activities and wildlife. It is also unique from a water-level perspective. 


The Bay has a few different water inflows but only one outflow through the Narrows of Collins Bay. This part of Collins Bay is narrow and shallow. It typically takes about one year for the water to completely change over in Deep Bay, as water is pushed in and out of the Bay depending on wind conditions on Georgian Bay. When water levels are low, much less water moves back and forth, which lessens the ability of the Bay to rid itself of excessive phosphorus levels as well as other nutrients and E.coli build-up, which are harmful to water quality. 


In the late 1990s and early 2000s, we experienced deficient water levels, resulting in inferior water quality and an algae bloom, and boats had difficulty navigating through the Narrows. 


Part of the Deep Bay Association's mission is to monitor and predict water levels as they relate to the overall health of the water. To help us prepare for water level concerns, we look to a new report from Baird and Associates, which cautions us that 2030 water levels will be lower than the early 2000s. This calculated prediction would have dire consequences for Deep Bay.  


The Deep Bay Association has been very active over the years, protecting our fragile environment and working with fellow residents and cottagers to monitor and promote action to protect the Bay we love.  


We can take actions to mitigate low water levels, which will take the full support of our members and the Township of Carling. 


If you want to know more about how to help protect our Bay, contact the team and get involved! 

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