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History of the Deep Bay Association

The Deep Bay Association was formed in the 1990s by property owners on Deep Bay over concerns about water levels and development projects affecting the Bay. 

At the time, water levels were dropping every year, causing water quality to worsen. Also, access through the Narrows became difficult and impossible for specific boats. 


Due to the fluctuating water concerns, the Association members donated funds to have the Narrows dredged, which allowed boats to continue navigating through and more water to flush in and out of Deep Bay to improve water quality. 


Five years after the dredging, water levels continued to lower. Deep Bay developed an aggressive algae bloom as the water quality continued to erode. Our water became “pea soup,” and small boats could barely pass through the Narrows. Again, the Deep Bay Association members raised money to complete a blasting project of the Narrows in 2004 to save the Bay and our way of life on the Bay. Thankfully, after the blasting, water quality in the Bay steadily improved, and we could again pass through the Narrows with our boats. 


Over the last two decades, as well as accomplishing these worthwhile projects, the Deep Bay Association has monitored and been very involved with development proposals to ensure we responsibly protect the health of our Bay and surrounding ecosystems. 


Deep Bay Association actively participated when the Township of Carling introduced a new Official Plan proposal, and many of our suggestions became part of the plan. In addition, our Association worked very hard with the township to develop an Official Lake Plan for Deep Bay.  


Our Deep Bay Association has been very active and successful in protecting our stunning but fragile environment, which we all enjoy, and we encourage you to join us as our mission continues. 

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